These Personal Growth Forums are challenging, informative and fun. But beware... they have the potential to change your life for the better!!

February's calendar with description of the forums following:

Your Best Life
     Saturday, March 10th @ 10am

     Saturday, Feb 10th @ 11:30am

     Saturday, Feb 17th @ 10am

Ready, Set, Goal!
     Saturday, Feb 17th @ 11am

A Pendulum & 10 Stones
     Saturday, Feb 24th @ 10am

Make It Happen!
     Saturday, Feb 24th @ 11am

Beauty In Balance
     Saturday, March 31rd @ 10am

What's love got to do with it
     Saturday, March 31rd @ 11am

You are welcome to come to as many forums as you'd like, as many times as you'd like! All forums are FREE, with a donation suggestion of $10 per forum, unless otherwise indicated. There are several of these forums that would benefit teenagers and they are welcome to come but please, no small children. 

Description of Forums:

Your Best Life: Tired of struggling? Tired of your life not going the way YOU want it to? If you're ready to CHANGE YOUR LIFE this is the place to be. You will learn the reasons your life is the way it is and the tools needed to CHANGE it now! 

Ready, Set, Goal!: Mind mapping is a unique, fun and extrememly helpful tool to use in every decision or goal you have from major life changes to personal growth goals to deciding where to go on vacation. It is perfect for the person who wants or needs to stay organized! You will learn the steps to successfully map out your goals, decisions and thoughts to best determine where you should be headed.

Make It Happen: If your life is anything less than 100% perfect then you need to be a part of this! Making changes in your life can be easy if you know and follow the steps needed to do so. You will learn the good (and the bad) about manifesting and you will leave here ready to start manifesting change immediately!

What's Love got to do with it: Do you know that everyone has different needs when it comes to feeling loved and appreciated? Find out what your love language is and how you can use this information to love yourself, love others and help others love you effectively.

Gratitude: We all know the meaning of gratitude but come to this forum to find out what it really means and how being truly grateful will make the difference between success and failure in your life. You will learn how to define, reflect on and give intent to that which you are grateful for. You will also be making a Gratitude Jar.   *a $5 fee will be applied for the supplies

Journaling: Journaling can be extremelly therapeutic and it is just about the best way ever to keep our minds clear of debris and focused on our intentions, especially if we tend to be over thinkers or have trouble staying on task or remembering things. Come and learn why you should journal, how you should journal and what benefits there are to using a journal.   The following will be explained -- Planning Journal, Personal Journal, Gratitude Journal, Affirmation Journal, Prayer/Meditation Journal. You are invited to bring a journal if you already keep one to show and give ideas to the group.

A Pendulum & 10 Stones: Pendulums and Stones tend to get a bad rap. They seem magical and creepy, but neither are. Here you'll learn what makes a pendulum work, how and whet to use one, and how to identify and take advantage of the benenftis of 10 poplar stones.

Beauty in Balance: There is so much inforamtion to share here but we will do our best to limit this to an hour! You'll learn the benefits of keeping your chakras balanced, what emotions and parts of the body each chakra effects and how these amazing tuning forks work. There will also be a demonstration on both and you will be able to use the tuning forks for yourself to see how it feels from my side.

**It is recommended that you bring paper and a pen to all the forums.